Day 4 – Pops visits Lincoln’s Home

Trixie waited outside President Lincoln's home.

Trixie waited outside President Lincoln’s home.

President Lincoln’s home was deeded over to the state of Illinois by Robert Lincoln for one dollar on the condition it be kept in good repair and tours be given for free, as prior renters had charged for tourists to go through the home.

This was the only house the Lincolns owned, and they expanded it over the 17 years they lived there, adding on, and eventually ripping off the roof and putting on the second floor. Upon entering the crowded hall, we went left into the formal parlors where Lincoln entertained and was offered the nomination to run for President.

Then to a tiny dining room, which had once been part of the kitchen. And into the living room on the street corner side, each room filled with artifacts donated by the Lincoln family or their friends over the years. Here, Mary Todd Lincoln’s sewing table; there, a desk she threw out which Lincoln may have used, and rescued. Each is lovingly cataloged and explained in fullest detail.


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