Day 3: Raiders of the Lost Lincoln Museum

The passage went on to the Civil War era, where Lincoln made the South the arch-villain in the show, and through the recreated White House Kitchen, where again actors voices echoed the possible thoughts of those slaves who may have worked in the White House and may have crossed paths with Lincoln as he went to the war department’s telegraph office in the basement.

Then on to the Emancipation Proclamation, a large diorama of the cabinet meeting where Lincoln unveiled the daring proposal; here a regent dressed in period attire stood guard, answering questions. Then a long tunnel took you past recordings of ghostlit actors faces arguing for and against the Proclamation, leading you to the allegorical desk where a pondering Lincoln thoughtfully considered his actions. As shadows played upon the wall behind him, adding to the aura of enigmatic destiny and godhood.

Then we returned to the war proper, past images of the millions of soldiers lost, the empty uniforms of the North and the South, and a moving map charting the progress of those long war years in a mere four minutes as the fortunes of war shifted until the South was defeated.


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