Day 2: Visiting the trenches of World War 1

Trixie and her Mum look for snipes in a WW1 Sniper's nest.

Trixie and her Mum look for snipes in a WW1 Sniper’s nest.

Walking on, we found a recreation of a World War 1 trench system – from across the field, you couldn’t tell it was there. It was dug in deeply, lined with wood planks, and angled unpredictably, like a child’s play maze. There were recreations of a sniper’s nest, the HQ and aid station, and all the other aspects of trench warfare, in a low-tech ad-hoc manner of the era, the only high tech item of note being a system of wires strung along tube & knob fittings to connect the front with HQ. Of course, parts of it were handicap accessible – but not all.  Trixie needs a bit of help along the more irregular steps.

The German bunker by comparison was done in concrete, and was buried – and closed. Nearby, an 1818 cable wagon for laying down communications wires was on display – the final step in a system rendered obsolete by radio.

A heavy tank was also on display near the trenches – that development made the trench warfare obsolete. And in the distance we found that we could see a Vietnam era base with its treehouse observation post, Civil War Era winter quarters that were a mere generation removed from the quarters Washington may have used – and a World War 2 “Core Area” of wooden tarpaper covered buildings.

We left and drove past the gates of the War College – opting not to go in because it was guarded against invaders. Then back on the road.


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