Day 1: Driving to Carlisle PA

We paused for gas and to reprogram the GPS to take us onto Carlisle, PA, our destination for the night. This took us southward, through New Jersey and into the rolling green hills of Pennsylvania, already lush with fields of green corn and other crops.

The one constant we see on these roads though is a distressing one – blown-out tires. It is a nuisance and a hazard to spy these black remnants of someone’s misfortune because they were too cheap to buy new tires, and opted to take a chance with retreaded tires. Not only did they lose their gamble that these tires would last, they put other drivers at risk from the steel and metal bits littering the roadside. One piece of a tire hit us in Massachusetts, leaving a mark on the car. But Trixie doesn’t think anything will be done to solve this problem.

We arrived in Carlisle with daylight to spare, and found the Hampton Inn we are spending the night at – a finely done newer building that has taken ideas from the cruise lines for its room arrangements, in the form of a cornered bathroom, and recessed entries in the hallways. Compared to other hotels, it is quite luxurious without being over-extravagant or over expensive.

Total miles between refueling stops: 263


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