Day 1: Leaving New England

Day 1

We got off to an early enough start, braving the rain and heading south to Bridgeport to see our cousin. This is the routine leg of the trek, with only a pit stop to break up a long drive. The further south we went, the warmer and brighter it got as the rain gave way to sun, and dark primordial forests along those highways lightened. For the most part, traffic was light, as it should be on a Saturday in early June.

Trixie got snuck into the high rise to visit our cousin in Bridgeport easily enough, using her carriage, and we had a pleasant visit during our short stop, telling her of all the places and things we hoped to see. Our cousin was quite the world traveller in her youth, having set sail on tramp steamers across the ocean and visited distant lands like China, Indonesia and Brazil before such places were considered tourist destinations. In that way, she inspired us to do our own travels, and looked forward to us sharing our own accounts of our trip when we returned. Trixie got her scratches, and before long we had to bid our cousin farewell.

We did have quite a ways to go.


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