Mount Chocorua and Home

Mount Chocorua and its reflecting lake.

Mount Chocorua and its reflecting lake.

Kancamagus meets Route 16 / the Spaulding Turnpike just south of Conway, and for a change, traffic was remarkably light. Indeed, it was light along much of this drive. We turned south, pausing for one last photo stop at Mount Chocorua, that ragged lonely mountain with its own reflecting lake. The locals have seen fit to leave a pull off place for people to pause and take in that unique view that is almost a signpost that proclaims you are at the gateway to the White Mountains and are leaving the lakes region proper. The lake was frozen of course, and locals were out there skating or parasailing in the distance below the craggy peak, trying to get in what exercise they could before the sun set.

We paused at a McDonalds for an ice cream, where Trixie got her licks in.  Then another pause at the old Indian Mound Mall in Ossipee New Hampshire to grab a missing ingredient for a cake we intended to make that evening. The mall was a sad sight; the hardware store and tiny druggist were gone, but the old IGA supermarket – now called True Value Food remained defiantly open. Pops expertly navigated the ancient shelves laden with goods and crammed into a chronically claustrophobic condition that needs to be experienced and enjoyed for what it is, a memory of times long gone where people were not in so much of a hurry, and our lives were not dominated by some distant corporation with a standard layout copied down to the inch in every big box store.

Our day long drive wound up nicely, returning back to our home on the New Hampshire Seacoast before the sun set.


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