Visiting Franklin’s Row Houses

Next, we walked southwest to Benjamin Franklin’s row houses. Mum visited the post office, then we went to the square behind these houses where Franklin’s home once stood. Only a corridor large enough for a wagon to pass through in his row houses remains – his own house is long gone, only a steel framework showing its outline remains. Ironic that the first great American’s home should be lost so easily, isn’t it? A museum is located under the square, but it is undergoing renovations so we couldn’t visit it.

Pops did visit the interior of one of the row houses, which showed off artifacts they had found in these ancient dwellings, and they had left the interiors open and stripped to the brick interiors to show how they had been built. It was somehow more interesting than the sterile made-up places like Betsy Ross’s house, exposed and ugly in a utilitarian sort of way.


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