Visiting the Betsy Ross House

From the cemetery, we went down Arch Street a ways to get to the alleged house of Betsy Ross, legendary maker of the American Flag. Keep in mind, her role was not publicized until 1876 by a grandson, and the only thing they can say for sure is she made the stars five-pointed. Her grave is on the site as well, in the small square next to the narrow house. Again, dogs were not allowed, so Mum and Pop took turns.

Pops went in first, and was astonished by the narrow confines, and the steep demi-spiral staircases you had to climb to go up – then down again, to view the rooms upstairs and return to the front room where a historical reenactor playing the role of Mrs. Ross was talking. Then down a third demi-spiral staircase to the basement, and up a narrow straight staircase to get out. Two families lived in that small house that was barely a third the size of our home in Greenland. Pops remained quiet about the staircases when Mum went in, since she wanted to see the historic spot so badly, and she came out appalled by them, and the tight quarters.

But that was the way it was back then.


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