Going past Independence Hall

Trixie and her Pop at Independence Hall

Trixie and her Pop at Independence Hall

After Mum went through, and Trixie got a chance to sniff around the outside of the Museum, we resumed our trek to go to Independence Hall – it was not to be though. First we tried going in the west side, but in our paranoid post 9-11 world, easy entry was not to be. We had to backtrack, and head to the east side. Pausing for a photo in front of the building. Then we tried to go in; again, Trixie was not allowed.

Pops had thought tours were every 15 minutes, but they were every half hour – on the quarter hour. And it was 10:50 when we got there. Good grief! After mulling it over, and taking photos, Pops opted to rejoin Mum, and we would try to take it in on the way back home. We had a long drive to go, and rain was coming.

We did walk down the parkland, past the Second Bank of the United States, the Carpenter’s Hall where the first Continental Congress met, and to the ‘official’ gift shop – a petite affair we would discover. Our plans to view Franklin’s Square – where his house once was located – was foiled by construction underway on the subterranean museum that lies under the park.

At least the gift shop had a pleasant little garden next to the handicap ramp, with views of the eastern side of the parkland. It was cool, and little birds were out and about; a forsythia was in bloom, and the first hints of crocuses and other bulbs were rising up out of the sleeping soil.


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