First impressions of Philadelphia PA

Pops would say Philadelphia is as far as we could go in a day; it was night by the time we passed through Camden, New Jersey and arrived at the Omni Hotel, which overlooks the Independence Park. Here in the old city the streets are narrow and dark, edged with cobblestones and posts to guide hapless drivers along one-way streets. We located the hotel easily enough, but the parking garage was poorly marked one-way side street – indeed, it is possibly the skinniest, narrowest parking garage we can remember, barely filling the footprint of a building, and having steep ascending ramps to go up. Worse, it was not really connected to the hotel; we had to leave from the backside of the block, and walk around front to the lobby. A bit inconvenient, but what can you do? We checked into our room and Trixie was admired by quite a number of people.

In this case, we lucked out – Room 1111 was on the 11th floor on the corner of the building, providing panoramic views looking south and west over the park; Independence Hall is just to the west, and visible. The hotel room was quite large, with two chairs and a desk positioned to take advantage of two of the three large windows looking out on the city parks below. It would turn out to be one of the best rooms we stayed in, and one of the most scenic to dine as we took advantage of room service since Trixie is simply not welcome in most restaurants.

But first, a little about the park. Independence Park is laid out below the lofty room, like a large “L” in front of the hotel, and the monolithic granite building of the Second Bank of the United States stands proudly across the street from us, it’s ghostly grey blocks and columns standing like a fortress in the night. The park areas are mostly to the south of these buildings – fairly open areas – so we walked around that side, letting Trixie get in her smells. We stopped short of the Independence Hall block, getting a few snapshots in the dark, before turning back to the hotel, and the parking garage to collect our luggage, and walk back around to the front of the building.

Trixie gets all the compliments a good little dog could hope for of course.

We ordered authentic Philadelphia cheese steak sandwiches to be delivered to our room ; quite delicious and tasty. Then to bed.


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