A February Jaunt to The Outer Banks and Philadelphia

If you live in New England, then there is only one thing to do at the end of February: head south. Mum, Pop and I decided we should take a drive down to the Outer Banks in the hope of finding warmer weather and less snow that February, and possibly taking along my Boy, since he had a week off from school. Unfortunately, as boys grow older, they get busier, and he couldn’t find the time to take the trip with us.

The snow flew the day before we departed, but it was getting warmer as we drove through the snow-covered countryside, the snow clinging to the trees like clunky cotton candy. It is really a wonder that there were not more power outages reported. The snow was visible until we reached the area around Worchester, and only old snow was seen in Sturbridge, Massachusetts from the blizzard. Usually we stop in Old Sturbridge, but this time they were closed on Monday – go figure. It certainly saved us time!


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