The old town of New Castle

Sullivan Road is a dead end, so most days when we drive ‘the loop’ through New Castle, we just slowly follow Wentworth Road to the shore, and turn left, and follow the narrow little streets that fishermen laid out long before there were cars.

Turning right onto Piscataqua Street – it’s almost hidden by a huge hedge and a house on the corner – takes you past more scenic homes and comes out by the Portsmouth Yacht Club. Pops thinks this is the best view of the old Castle – the Naval Prison – you can find on shore, and many times in the evening we have seen a nice sunset as we drive along.

Piscataqua Street turns into Cranfield Street, named after one of the most disreputable Royal Governors of New Hampshire, before rejoining Route 1B.

There is one last turn to the right, down a steep hill onto River Road that follows a little cove, and then a left onto Oliver Street. Pops sometimes talks about how this area was the site of the first recorded haunting in the United States, the case of Lithobolia where unseen ghosts were throwing stones at the family who lived here in 1682. But these ghosts are long gone – or they are too polite to try throwing stones at a well behaved little dog like Trixie.

Oliver Street rejoins Route 1B, and we take a right to follow the causeway back to Portsmouth.

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