The view from Portsmouth Harbor Light

A US Coast Guard Cutter passed Portsmouth Harbor Light

A US Coast Guard Cutter passed Portsmouth Harbor Light

Portsmouth Harbor Light, or Fort Point Light is the site of the oldest lighthouse north of Boston, and was one of nine that existed prior to the American Revolution. It still operates, but the Friends of the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse are responsible for its upkeep, and they offer tours during the warmer months of the year.

Trixie can’t go inside because there is a height requirement, and she’s too short. But her Pop and Boy have been inside, and told her how they climbed a cast iron spiral staircase inside the brick and iron tower to the small light keeper’s room below the beacon. Before electricity, someone would stay up all night, making sure the light remained on, and everything was shipshape.

A steep ladder went up to the glass room where the light is located, and I could see Pop and my Boy up there waving down. They said the views were great, and learning about the lighthouse was even better. The neat thing they learned was that they used the same iron castings for Portsmouth Harbor Light for the famous Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine – so they are sort of like twins!


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