Old Fort Stark Park

Trixie in front of one of the coastal defense bunkers at Fort Stark

Trixie in front of one of the coastal defense bunkers at Fort Stark

There is a nice walkway from Wentworth by the Sea that follows the road. But it sort of bypasses an almost hidden road, Wild Rose Lane. This is one of those forgotten places in the New Hampshire Park System if you’re looking for something different.

Old Fort Stark lies at the end of the road, guarding the northern side of Little Harbor. To the south side of the channel lies the well-known Odiorne Point, and the Seacoast Science Center. While there had been fortifications on this spot to guard the back channel into Portsmouth, Fort Stark was built during the Endicott Period of Coastal fortifications. That makes it over a hundred years old, and it is showing its age!

The old bunkers are crumbling down as rusting rebar expands and cracks the ancient concrete apart. Many places are fenced off to prevent children (and little dogs) from getting into trouble! One of the old 12” coastal gun mounts can still be seen. The other one was covered over by an odd building that acted as the harbor defense command building during World War 2. There are two smaller bunkers you could climb, but even a little dog lie Trixie wouldn’t dare to try it. They recently decided they don’t want any dogs in the park at all, which is a shame.

While there are no real amenities for people, the state keeps the lawns mowed, and there are gravel beaches along the shoreline. It makes for a nice walk and sometimes the old mine building – which is a little museum about the fort – is open. Pops likes to stop by to take photos, and admire the view since it is the most accessible of the old forts with bunkers in the region.


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