Driving Scenic Route 1B


Wentworth By The Sea Hotel and Marina seen from the beach at Sanders Point

While Trixie loves to travel far and wide, she knows there is plenty to view nearby on shorter day trips, or even an hour’s drive along New Hampshire’s 18-mile long coastline. She’s ready to jump in the car and go whenever she sees her Mum or Pop with the keys!

One overlooked route she likes is along Scenic Route 1B, a unique road that goes from Rye to Portsmouth through the smallest town in all of New Hampshire – New Castle. It is on an island at the mouth of Portsmouth Harbor, and according to Pop, it was also the most fortified town in the state!

The best way to start the drive is to begin on Route 1A in Rye.

Right now the bridge over Sagamore Creek is being replaced, so you have no choice but to turn right, or turn around if you are heading north. Once the bridge is replaced and you can drive south again, just look for the Wentworth By The Sea sign, because that is the largest hotel in New Castle and is impossible to miss. The start of the drive takes you past a marina and along a forested road, before you reach the Wentworth Golf Club, a very exclusive place that does not like dogs, since they closed off easy access to a public beach at Sanders Point. That is a shame, because it offered a pretty sunrise view of Little Harbor from the parking area.

Beyond the Wentworth Golf Club is the castle-like Wentworth by the Sea, a towering hotel that was rescued from ruin. It sits high on a hill above a tiny drawbridge you go over to enter New Castle. Once the road went in front of the hotel, but it was rerouted behind it to make it safer for guests on the grounds. Below the hotel on Little Harbor is a large marina, and pretty grounds. Best of all, they will let dogs stay overnight, but since Trixie lives nearby she has never stayed inside. Her Mum and Pop say the inside is very elegant, with Victorian era decor.


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