Wrapping up the trek

Pop and my Boy went into the Library section, but he was disappointed that they would not let them take photos in there either. Still, they got to see the special car FDR could drive without the use of his legs, and the many interesting artifacts that they had on display.

Since the weather was not very good, we decided it was time to drive home – it was less than four hours from home as Pop reckoned, and we made it in good time, even if we did stop to admire some wild turkeys we saw in the New York farmland. At that time, wild turkeys were just being reintroduced to New Hampshire, and were a rare sight to see around our home.

By the time we reached home, Pop declared we had driven over one thousand miles – not bad for five days of driving.

And that was the end of our summer trip to Gettysburg and back.


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