About the Amish

Another stop brought us to an Amish general store, where they had generally everything an Amish would need. On the outside, it seemed modern enough you couldn’t tell it from any other metal warehouse type building.

Pop has dealt with a few Amish dealers at his job – while they do not have phones in their homes, some have a pay phone set up at the end of their driveway, or in their outhouse. And they do sell and work on chain saws. But they don’t use electricity (propane is used for lighting, cooking and refrigeration) and they don’t use computers or go online. They don’t own cars either, although they will ride in them – and the younger ones can own and drive a car before they officially join the church. Surprisingly, we are told only 2% or less of those raised in the Amish community reject their upbringing and refuse to join the church as adults, where many modern conveniences are barred. They must be onto something.

We were on to something too – because after Intercourse, we began the drive home, and found ourselves near Hyde Park, New York State for the evening.


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