A Bird-In-Hand

Bird-In-Hand is one of the little community centers clustered around Lancaster. These towns are not like New England towns, as they are sparse clusters of small businesses clustered at crossroads between huge fields of corn and tobacco.

There are no obvious markers to tell where one begins and the other ends, so it is much like determining where the south end of a city leaves off for the north end. On the map though, each of these regions appear as if they are a towns, even if they are less than a mile apart. Each one appears to have their own one-room schoolhouse (with outhouses) so they are probably centered about an Amish community of 20-30 families.

15-IMG_9608The Bird-In-Hand Bake Shop had plenty of good things, including Shoo-Fly-Pie, which Mum got for the neighbors. While Mum and my Boy were inside, Pop and I had the good luck of seeing an Amish wagon go by and got a decent picture.


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