Gettysburg to Lancaster PA

We drove to Lancaster, to visit the Amish.

There were also vast fields of corn to view in the countryside, with the occasional field of tobacco and what we assumed were potato fields near places associated with potato chip making. Once Pennsylvania was the breadbasket of the colonies – although we never saw a field of wheat. Plenty of hay though, bailed into large cubes for the winter, as opposed to the rolls we see back in much of New England.

We arrived on the other side of Lancaster on a stretch of highway crammed with strip malls and fast food joints to find our destination – the Amish Farm and House sandwiched into the back corner of a mall parking lot between a huge Target store, and another strip mall. On the other side, we could see some factory. Toward the back, what looked like more modern houses in some new development.

It was hardly the pastoral scene we expected – the Amish, who shunned modern innovations, overwhelmed by high tech and rampant consumerism. When we got home and I looked at the available satellite imagery, it was obvious this was a recent development – the Google images are usually a few years old, and they showed a worksite around the house and farm area. It must have been quite a sight in its prime!

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