The end of the day in Gettysburg

13-PICT0918By the time we were done at the Visitor’s Center, it was very, very late. Luckily, the park closes at ten.

We drove around the last three sites on the audio CD tour: the Spring and Culp’s hill that we visited the first day before winding it up at the Copse of Trees and the Angle, where Pickett’s charge failed to break the Union lines.

Here we watched the sun set, at about 8:15 pm, robbing the land of the last light of day as we drove back to the hotel, watching distant flashes of lightening in the clouds, with concern – but no sounds of thunder came, and the scattered storms passed without incident, like a ghostly battle in the sky.

The travel guides Pop read suggested Gettysburg could be explored in a day. In fact, after a day and a quarter, there was still much more to see! But my Boy needed to get home at a set date, and there were many other things to see in Pennsylvania!


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