Visiting the Visitor’s Center

Since it was late and well past lunchtime, we returned to the visitor’s center for a bite to eat. It was hot by then, but they had picnic tables in the shade, and my family took turns going in to look at the exhibits while I took a nap.

Pop later said the place was a typical modern museum presentation, with multimedia, and dimly lit exhibits in a bewildering maze of chambers that would have tested the patience of all but the most fanatic of Civil War Buffs – and there are plenty of them out there. It chronicled the beginnings of the Civil War, up through Gettysburg – with emphasis on Gettysburg – and the ending, along with Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and the efforts to preserve the battlefield.

It was far too much to enjoy in one sitting, much less view and absorb within the span of an hour as the guidebooks suggested.

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