Looking Around Hershey PA

While Trixie’s Mum and Boy were in the crowded ride and mall, Trixie took her Pop to explore the outside grounds a bit, viewing a lighthouse they had built for a long-vanished pond or pool in the park, and we explored the entry area to the park, which was set up in a sort of semi Tutor or Swiss style, with brick towers and timber-framed shop and store fronts. It was delightfully cool and shady there, even if the music was blaring away.

From there, Trixie and her Pop went up to the old museum building – it is now relocated to downtown Hershey, so we never saw it – and between the arena and stadium, which are both relics of Hershey’s building program during the Great Depression – they were built to last, the stand of the stadium made of cast concrete, with arches to lighten the massive structure. The arena was a more modest design, with twin towers and a wide arched roof like an airplane hanger.

Trixie and her Pop made it back in time to meet her Mum and Boy, coming out of the enormous gift shop, loaded with Hershey souvenirs. But since it was a hot day, and Trixie couldn’t have any chocolate (no matter how good it smelled) she decided we had to hop back into the car to get to our destination: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


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