Hershey, PA

After a long ride from New Jersey, we found ourselves in Hershey, Pennsylvania in time to beat the lunch crowd at a fast food restaurant. From there, we could see the Hershey amusement park, where two giant roller coasters built out of a huge pile of wooden timbers stood. Riders went up and raced down the huge humped hill of beams, screaming all the way. Trixie thought the rides looked too fast and scary for a little dog like her. Besides, amusement parks are no place for little dogs, but her Boy wanted to see how chocolate was made. And there was a short ride to take to find out all about it!

Hershey’s Chocolate World stands at the entrance of the amusement park. The place was packed, as it should be on a Sunday, and the rain by that time had come and gone. We walked from area 65 of the lot – a huge place, vaster than a shopping mall parking lot combined and doubled – to the Chocolate World, which was seething with people. Trolleys and trams were going to and fro, shuttling people in from parking lots further away, as well as the hotels and campgrounds in the area. In short, it was like Disneyworld transplanted to Pennsylvania.

Trixie’s Mum and Boy went in for the tour, a thirty minute ride where they waded along with a mob of people through a tropical rain forest where the cocoa bean is harvested, then shipped to the U.S. – at that point, they got onto a little two-person cart which drove them past the rest of the process as the bean is refined and turned into chocolate. When Mum did it so many years ago, it was only a walking tour. At the end of the tour, they each got two Hershey kisses – not the Hershey bar of so many years before. Trixie didn’t care for that, because dogs cannot have chocolate – but her Boy liked it a lot!


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