Driving through New England

Since it is easy to take a day trip anywhere in New England, Trixie’s Pop decided to skip over any big attraction they could reach within a day’s drive of their home. The exception was to see some relatives. Cousin Isabelle in Bridgeport, Connecticut liked to travel when she was younger, and was excited to have visitors stop by on their first big stop. This was a big adventure for a little dog, since she had never been in a high rise, or in an elevator before. But Trixie was a brave little dog, and had a great time listening to some of the adventures Isabelle had experienced, while listening to the great things her pop hoped they would see.

Once the visit was over, everyone climbed back into the car, and drove on across the Tappan Zee Bridge, an enormous bridge that crosses the Hudson River just north of New York City. Her pop explained that not only was New York City not a good place for little dogs to go visiting, but it avoided a lot of traffic along I-95, while giving him an easier drive to the hotel in New Jersey.


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